Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great start to 2012 for La Grange Women

Melina Bernecker takes 6th at Roger Milliken behind Trina Jacobson (Team Revolution)

Claire and Molly had a great time with Uncle Billy.

Nicole and Alicia at turn 1.

Alicia Silvera's first race of 2012.

Melina played it smart during the entire race.

Anger Management Crit Jan. 22
2. Melina Bernecker
3. Anna Lang
9. Julie Cutts
12. Belinda Eschenwald
14. Nicole Brandt

Poor College Kids Road Race Jan. 28
1. Melina Bernecker
17. Belinda Eschenwald

Mothballs Crit Jan. 29
2. Melina Bernecker
7. Belinda Eschenwald
17. Nicole Brandt

Boulevard Road Race Feb. 4
4. Julie Cutts
9. Melina Bernecker
14. Belina Eschenwald

Red Trolley Crit Feb. 5
5. Anna Lang
7. Angelica Frayre
16. Belina Eschenwald
20. Julie Cutts
23. Nicole Brandt

Valley of the Sun Stage Race Feb. 10-12
4. Julie Cutts
18. Belinda Eschenwald

6. Julie Cutts
23. Belinda Eschenwald

13. Julie Cutts
14. Belinda Eschenwald

3. Julie Cutts
18. Belinda Eschenwald

Roger Milliken Memorial Crit Feb. 12
6. Melina Bernecker
17. Alicia Silvera
24. Nicole Brandt

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Tujunga to Acton Loop with Team LG

The only way out is over that.

Jaycee Carey, Vance MacDonald, and myself near Santa Clarita.

Vance shows off his new FNC kit while thinking about Sochin.

I showed up to Sunland Park on time but nobody was there. I decided to do the ride anyway, even though I didn't bring a spare tube. I figured I'd take a chance. It was cold climbing up Big Tujunga and the low clouds ahead only made it worse. After passing Upper Big Tujunga Rd, the clouds were gone and the sun came out. About a few miles from the summit, Jaycee and Vance finally caught up to me and we continued on our ride. The wind and cold followed us most of the day. We stopped for lunch in Acton and chowed on a Turkey sandwich while checking out the locals. Rollers and more rollers for the rest of the ride. Vance got a flat in San Fernando and decided to put the same tube back into the rim. I known, we've all done this before, maybe not. Anyway, a great ride that ended up being 89 miles with 7800 ft elevation gain.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Montrose Ride with team LG

A great turnout by Team LG at the long version of the Montrose ride today. Very fast ride averaging 22+ mph for the entire ride. No accidents, a few dorks, cool weather, no Bento boxes, and nobody yelling "on your left". The way a ride should be. A special thanks to Joe Pugliese for buying me coffee with my money. Thanks, Joe. It really hit the spot. A cool 72 miles and home by 11:30.
On a more serious note, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the club, it's members, sponsors, and board of directors for taking part in the Palm Springs Century a couple of weeks ago. This club has a racing history dating back over 4o years and I may have tarnished it's reputation by attending this event. I will make it my life's goal to somehow make up for it.
Next off to San Dimas for the MTB US Cup. See below...

Two National Champions in the mix on this day.

Left to right: Tim Claudio, Mike Carlson, Chris London, Joe Pugliese, Jaycee Carey, Joel Bertet

Vincent Lombardi at the 2011 US Cup at Bonelli Park

Vince gets the call-up.

The 83 starters line up.

Former La Grange rider Ben Sonntag.

I saw my first ever Pro Mountain Bike race today. Friggin awesome! It makes a crit race look like a crit race. These dudes are studs. No drafting and the hammering never, ever stops until you get pulled or finish. Our Vincent was the top SoCal finisher. Great job by out fastest rider in the club, finishing 24th out of 83 starters, just missing out on valuable UCI points.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Arco Criterium March 6, 2011

Anna Drakulich (and Cathy Keeley)

Chad Tulloch

Richard Kim

Brandon Gritters wants to know if there is break up the road. Yes.

Wilson Blas

Anthony Gianisato (and Susanne Sonye in the 30+ 1-3 race)

Christian Cognigni

Michael Hamilton

Chad Tulloch


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Food Park Training Ride

My first time on the Food Park Ride. Not sure about the route, so when the ride started to split in two, I asked some dude which was which. He said the climbing turns right here, the flatter ride goes straight. I decided not to kill myself on the first ride, so I went straight. There were only about a dozen of us on this version, mostly women and masters racers. It was aggressive but very easy to hang with them. On PCH some of the riders pulled over and some kept going. I wasn't sure what happened, so I asked someone where this ride was going and she said they were going to meet some friends for coffee and the ride was back there. Well, now I know to wait next time and finish up Chainbreak Hill with the group. I decided to keep riding up to Long Beach and back to Huntington Beach, then back up to Long Beach to meet friends for lunch, then back to Irvine.

Riders meet at about 8:30 and roll out about 8:45

Kyle Gritters on the new 2011 Cannondale Supersix.

Jason Bausch

Total miles for the day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Herbalife-La Grange Team Preview

Jett Pink.

Alan Wagenbach.

Roberto Rodriguez.

Kyle Gritters.

Wilson Blas.

Eder Frayre.

Stu Press, Cody Stevenson, Victor Ayala, Matias Mendigochea

Brandon Gritters.